Conservatives Give Mixed Message on Schools

The following letter by John Kristensen, VP Technical of RETA, appeared in today’s Edmonton Journal:

Mixed message on new schools

Edmonton Journal April 17, 2012 1:42 PM

Before the election was called, Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk said Alberta needs 400 new schools over the next decade. After the election was called, Conservative Leader Alison Redford promised 50 new schools would be built and 70 renovated over the next four years.

At the same time the Conservatives promise new schools, they are forcing the closure of Colchester Elementary School because of their dogmatic belief that the Heartland power line is needed.

Parents of the school’s nearly 200 students have said overwhelmingly that they will not send their children to the school if an overhead 500-kilovolt power line is built within 140 metres of the school because they do not want to jeopardize their children’s health. As a result, the school will be forced to close once the line is built.

Colchester school is one of the most highly regarded schools in the Elk Island Public Schools system.

So on the one hand the Conservatives promise money for new schools and on the other hand they are needlessly forcing an existing school to close.

The Wildrose Party has promised to cancel the unnecessary Heartland power line if it forms the next government. As a taxpayer and resident of the Colchester community, guess which party I’m voting for.

John Kristensen, Sherwood Park

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~ by RETA on April 17, 2012.

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