Sherwood Park Candidates’ Views on Heartland Power Line

As reported in the April 20, 2012 edition of the Sherwood Park News, following are the views of the Sherwood Park constituency candidates on the controversial Heartland Transmission Project. This information is being provided so Sherwood Park residents can decide who they wish to vote for on April 23:

Garnett Genuis: Wildrose

Cancel the Heartland power line. Repeal Bill 50. Put all new transmission infrastructure projects through a truly independent needs assessment process. Where the need for specific lines is determined, Wildrose leader Danielle Smith has been very clear they should be put underground when they run near residential areas. Overbuilding of our transmission system has hurt consumers with increased costs and has discouraged industrial development.

Dave Anderson: Liberal

Biggest problem is the decision to build the Heartland line was made in the absence of an open and transparent needs assessment. If the power line is not buried, it should not come to Sherwood Park.

Chris Kuchmak: Alberta Party

Building the line above ground and forcing students out of Colchester School is putting industry ahead of education. The project is not necessary, but if it is built it should be buried. The Alberta Party would re-open the conversation on the need for the line.

Lyndsay Pinder: NDP

In the absence of a full needs assessment, lines such as the Heartland are not needed. AESO’s power forecast is overstated.

Cathy Olesen: Progressive Conservative

Personal view is that transmission lines in high-population density areas, like Sherwood Park, should be buried. (However, the PC Party and Premier Redford strongly support an above ground Heartland line in the Sherwood Park Greenbelt, and in fact legislated the building of the line.)

James Ford: Independent

Wonders about the need for three 500kV transmission projects, and whether they’re for export of electricity to the United States. Wants to see a complete and competitive review of the costs to bury the Heartland line.

Gordon Barrett: Social Credit

Bury the line or don’t build it. The $14 billion earmarked for new high voltage power lines should instead be used to provide homes with alternate power systems. Social Credit Party would also fight the electricity and land-related acts passed by the PC government.

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