Heartland Power Line Update

EPCOR CEO Don Lowry said today the Heartland Transmission Project is on target, with a new estimated cost for EPCOR of $430 million. The original estimate of $400 million was apparently based on early work by AltaLink, according to Lowry (Edmonton Journal).

Lowry said, “We have about 75% of the funds committed, with brush clearing underway and the first towers going up. All the steel for the project has been ordered.”

Let’s see if we have this correct. The Heartland power line is already under construction before decisions have been made on several requests for Review and Variance of the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) November 2011 decision on the line. And, construction has already started before the Alberta Court of Appeal has a chance to hear the appeal of the AUC decision last year by the Shaw family.

Construction of the line has barely started and already it is going to cost EPCOR $30 million more than estimated only a few short months ago.


1)  EPCOR must be aware of the AUC’s not-yet announced decisions on several Review and Variance requests.

2)  EPCOR must be aware of how the Alberta Court of Appeal will rule on the Shaw appeal, which has not even been heard.

3)  EPCOR (and/or AltaLink) have been pretty sloppy estimating the cost to build the Heartland power line.

~ by RETA on May 3, 2012.

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