FishHawk Ranch Residents Misled About Green Space

Here’s a story similar to the Heartland power line story in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

When residents in the FishHawk Ranch community near Lithia, Florida bought their lots and homes, they were told the vacant land next to their neighbourhood was a conservation area. In fact, some of the community’s residents had paid a premium for lots on the conservation area. They were told it was a green space and there is now a community trail on it. There was nothing on any of the residents’ closing papers or documents that indicates the land would be used for power lines (Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch).

Recently, FishHawk Ranch residents were surprised to learn that Tampa Electric Co. (TECO)  is planning to build an overhead high voltage power line with 90 to 120-foot tall towers in the conservation area. They are concerned about the health hazards of electromagnetic fields that will emanate from the lines, the unsightly lines and towers, and property devaluation.

Residents have launched a petition and door-to-door awareness campaign, and want to meet with their State Representative.

(Sound similar to the Sherwood Park and Edmonton Greenbelt story where the overhead 500kV Heartland line is now being built?)

~ by RETA on May 4, 2012.

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