EPCOR Should Practise What It Preaches

Don Lowry, President and CEO of EPCOR, was recently quoted by the Edmonton Journal as saying, “Listen to your critics. Listen to contrarian voices. There’s nothing more you like than the music of hearing your strategy, but you know there are others with different perspectives that sometimes, as stinging as it may feel, have got a point.”  Lowry spoke at the national conference of the Institute of Corporate Directors in Edmonton.

These are definitely words of wisdom, but why doesn’t Don Lowry practise what he preaches? During the entire public consultation and AUC hearing process on the Heartland Transmission Project, EPCOR, along with AltaLink, refused to listen to the facts presented by landowners, landowner groups, municipal governments, industrial power consumer groups, academics and opposition parties who showed that the Heartland line is not needed or that it could be buried at a cost similar to building it above ground.

To preach a virtuous message, but to do just the opposite, is hypocritical by any dictionary definition.

~ by RETA on June 6, 2012.

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