Transmission Company Ordered to Consider Burying Power Lines

RETA has been following the multi-year battle by Chino Hills residents and the city government to get Southern California Edison (SCE) to seriously consider burying part of the new $2.1 billion Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project from Kern County to the Los Angeles Basin.

The California Public Utilities Commission has recently ordered SCE to prepare testimony based on preliminary engineering studies of options for running the high voltage lines underground through the City of Chino Hills (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin). SCE had already started building monopole towers in the city, but was ordered to stop November 10, 2011 and to explore more suitable alternatives.

The City of Chino Hills has spent more than $2 million battling SCE in a lawsuit for 2 years insisting the right-of-way is too narrow for the 198-foot tall towers and that they cause safety hazards. Chino Hills residents and the grassroots organization Hope for the Hills are hopeful the power line will either be buried or built where fewer people would be negatively impacted for health, safety, property devaluation and visual reasons.

~ by RETA on July 8, 2012.

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