Opposition to AltaLink Power Lines Grows

RETA has previously reported on the opposition by southern Alberta landowners to AltaLink’s proposed above-ground Goose Lake to Etzicom Coulee Transmission Project. AltaLink and the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) were peppered with questions from concerned residents at a meeting in Twin Butte July 11 (Global Lethbridge).

Anne Stevick of the Chinook Area Land Users Association said, “It will affect all of us, business wise, residence wise and our power bills. If we see businesses leaving Alberta because of the increase to their electricity it’s going to hurt all of Alberta.”

Pia Blum, a Drywood landowner, said, “It devalues our land and this is the most beautiful land in all of Alberta. I cannot understand why they put it in this corridor where the prairies meet the mountains and you can’t find that anywhere else.”

AltaLink representatives at the meeting said they will take all feedback into consideration. History reveals that AltaLink conducts public consultation only to satisfy Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) requirements…they do not care what impacted residents think.

~ by RETA on July 12, 2012.

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