Health Risks of Overhead Power Lines Can No Longer Be Ignored

RETA has provided many examples of medical and other scientific studies that conclusively link overhead high voltage electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the corona effect with increased health risks. As the results of these and many other studies become more widely known and understood, it is becoming more difficult for electricity transmission companies, governments and other institutions to ignore the very real health risks of overhead high voltage power lines. A recent article in The Independent highlights a few of the many studies that report on these increased health risks. Following are a few examples from this article:

1.  Children living within 220 yards (should read “metres”) of an overhead power line had a 70% greater risk of getting leukemia.

2.  Several institutions in the United States have concluded that overhead power line magnetic fields are a possible source of cancer.

3.  Higher rates of depression, headache and insomnia exist among people living near high voltage power lines.

4.  Surveys have reported 35 cases of miscarriages in areas near high voltage power lines compared to only 2 such cases in places further away from power lines.

In addition to increased health risks to humans of living near power lines, the article refers to research that found EMFs significantly affected the genetic materials of plants that grew under high voltage lines.

The article concludes, “Experts suggest the safest thing to do is to avoid exposure to high-tension power lines and if one must live close to them, they should do so at least 600 yards (should read ‘metres’) away, as suggested by the study of Oxford University.”

(Other studies on the health risks associated with the corona effect indicate that increased health risks can exist several kilometres downwind of overhead high voltage lines.)

~ by RETA on September 26, 2012.

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