Concerns Increase about EMF Impacts on Health

The volume of evidence is growing to conclusively link overhead high voltage power line electromagnetic fields with increased health risks. The 7th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields was held October 8-12 in Valleta, Malta (see this link) to discuss the latest research.

The workshop announcement says, “There have been many instances of harmful effects of electromagnetic fields…and include an increased risk of cancer, leukaemia, brain tumours, genotoxic effects, neurological effects and neurodegenerative diseases, immune system deregulation, breast cancer, miscarriage and some cardiovascular effects.”

Communities around the world plead with electricity transmission companies, regulators and politicians on a regular basis to address the increased health risks of overhead high voltage power lines. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, those in decision-making roles tend to ignore or dismiss the research that links overhead power lines with a myriad of health impacts. There are, however, many examples of reasoned approaches to minimizing health risks. For example, residents in a number of areas around Cyprus reported cancer clusters close to overhead high voltage power lines (Cyprus Mail). In response, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus has decided to remove a high voltage pylon (tower) where 143 refugee families were given building plots. The Chairman of the House Environment Committee said, “…the money that will be spent on treating the cancers would be much more than what will be needed to move the pylon.”

~ by RETA on October 14, 2012.

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