Energy Minister Won’t Release Electricity Report

Alberta Liberal Energy Critic, Kent Hehr, says it’s time for Alberta Energy Minister Ken Hughes to release a report that contains 41 recommendations on how to improve Alberta’s floundering retail electricity market (Edmonton Journal). Although Hughes received the report in early September, he says he wants to make sure he and his department review each of the recommendations before letting the public see it.

The report was prepared by the Retail Market Review Committee which was commissioned before the spring provincial election in an attempt to placate the public outrage over skyrocketing power prices in Alberta. Hughes hinted that there might be some minor changes coming to Alberta’s deregulated electricity market in response to the report (let’s not hold our breath).

Meanwhile, Albertans continue to complain about our deregulated electricity market and Alberta’s electricity prices being among the highest in Canada. As this letter to the Edmonton Journal from the Parkland Institute reads, “All Albertans have been ill-served by deregulation of the electricity market. But deregulation unfairly targets those of limited financial means, with electricity providers extracting profit from those who can least afford it. This is anything but enlightened policy.” 

~ by RETA on October 19, 2012.

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