Repeal of Bill 50 for Future Lines Not Enough

This Airdrie City View editorial suggests it is good news the Alberta Government has finally introduced legislation (Bill 8) to repeal Bill 50 (the Electric Statutes Amendment Act, 2009) that took away the public’s right to review the need for new expensive high voltage power lines which electricity consumers pay for. There has been widespread opposition across Alberta to Bill 50, both while it was being debated and ever since it was passed. Numerous Progressive Conservative MLAs lost their seats in the last provincial election because so many Albertans were angry about Bill 50.

The City View editorial goes on to read, “However, it is hard to believe the government has seen the error of its ways if the WATL (Western Alberta Transmission Line) is allowed to proceed without further review. If the Province has determined that an independent needs assessment is required to approve a transmission-line project, it would stand to reason that any line approved without an assessment should be put on hold and go through the process.”

RETA could not agree more, and this would mean that the Western Alberta Transmission Line, Heartland Transmission Project, Eastern Alberta Transmission Line and Southern Alberta transmission expansion – all approved under Bill 50 – should be put on hold until proper needs and accounting assessments have been conducted. To do anything else would be fixing only one-half of the problem. (See this link for more on repealing Bill 50.)

~ by RETA on November 2, 2012.

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