Illinois Residents Upset with Proposed 345kV Power Line

Residents in Clark County, Illinois, are upset that a new overhead high voltage power line could destroy their way of life (Tribune Star). Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois is proposing the 345kV Illinois Rivers Transmission Line to run from Palmyra, Missouri, across Illinois to about a mile inside Indiana.

Land owners are concerned they will have problems navigating their farm equipment around the large bases for the transmission towers, and they’re concerned their land will be sterilized for many types of development such as constructing buildings and growing trees in the power line right-of-way. A Christmas tree business owner is upset because the transmission company will clearcut a huge swath through his tree farm and affect his livelihood. Another farmer is worried about the impacts of an overhead line on her cattle and horses. The local farm business bureau says the transmission company has made a poor decision to build the towers in the middle of fields rather than along roads.

A local business owner has suggested the power line project could cost him his radio station because the proximity of the lines to his tower would ruin his transmission with static. Other concerns include the impacts of electromagnetic fields on health, including cancers and pacemakers.

Landowners say the public open houses on the power line have been nothing more than “a dog and pony show”, and they view their battle as “David versus Goliath”. In spite of the cards being stacked against them, they have formed Stop the Power Lines Coalition to fight the line. Many landowners have suggested the line be buried to eliminate all the negative impacts.

RETA wishes all the best to those fighting this proposed overhead line. If the line is actually proven to be necessary, burying it would definitely be the solution.

~ by RETA on November 23, 2012.

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