Washington Landowners Concerned about New Transmission Line

About 327 landowners will see high voltage power line towers within 500 feet of their properties if Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) gets approval for its preferred route for a 79-mile-long 500kV transmission line between Castle Rock,Washington, and Troutdale, Oregon (Oregonian).

One Clark County landowner would see his 200-acre tree farm cut into 2 pieces, with the power line right-of-way removing about 27 acres of his trees. He’s worried about his loss of income, devaluation of his property, visual impacts of huge towers and lines and restrictions on what he can do on his own land. (Overhead power line electromagnetic fields have been reported to negatively affect plant growth including trees.)

A group called A Better Way for BPA is opposing the preferred route and says the BPA should use its existing right-of-way instead of building a new line. Another group, Another Way BPA,  has proposed another alternative route they suggest would have almost no impact on individual property owners.

~ by RETA on November 24, 2012.

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