Update on Heartland Transmission Line Construction

Following are a few photographs taken on December 13, 2012 of completed and partially completed Heartland lattice towers just south and north of the North Saskatchewan River. More photos can be viewed under “Photographs – Miscellaneous”.

Completed Heartland lattice tangent tower in foreground. Partially constructed lattice angle tower nearby in background. Scandal-plagued SNC-Lavalin, AltaLink’s parent company, is building this line and the Western Alberta Transmission Line. There have been numerous arrests of former SNC executives, including SNC’s former CEO and several VPs, as part of ongoing international and Canadian corruption probes:


Partially erected angle tower. For size comparison, note how small the vehicles and trailer are at the base of the tower:


Heartland towers are the tallest ever built in Alberta’s history, twice the height of most other transmission towers. This is why the negative impacts will be even greater than for any other high voltage transmission lines in Alberta. The massive towers and lines are not only unsightly, but they also have negative health, safety, property value, environmental, agriculture (crops), livestock, inclement weatheraircraft, tourism, pipeline and future development impacts:


Completed and partially completed lattice towers. For size comparison, note how small the workers are on top of the partially completed tower next to the crane lifting a tower unit into place:


Tangent lattice towers crossing the North Saskatchewan River valley. Many birds that fly along the river valley will be killed as they collide into the towers and lines that cross the river and its wide valley:


~ by RETA on December 27, 2012.

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