Heartland Power Line – Previous Alberta Minister’s Assurances Mean Nothing

Several of our members have contacted us asking how it is possible for the court to recently dismiss RETA’s application for Judicial Review of the Infrastructure Minister’s authority to give his consent to construction of the Heartland line in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park Greenbelts. They point out that not only do the 1974 Alberta Regulations make it clear that the Greenbelts were set aside for protection of agriculture and the environment, but then Environment Minister – the Honourable William (Bill) Yurko – even gave his personal assurances of this protection to landowners at a public meeting in the Colchester Community.

The landowners who have contacted us wonder why the current PC Alberta Government did not honour a previous PC Minister’s assurances, and why the court did not recognize these personal assurances by Minister Yurko (who passed away in 2010).

~ by RETA on March 26, 2013.

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