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RETA-voice-of-the-peopleSince sending out the communication regarding the decision on RETA’s application for judicial review, we’ve been inundated with responses.  People feel that the government is in the transmission industry’s pocket and that their complete lack of regard for nature and the environment is criminal.  With the Heartland line, Western Alberta Transmission Line and Eastern Alberta Transmission Line all fast-tracked to ensure a healthy supply of electricity to the US, subsidized by Albertans, it is no wonder that people are getting fed up with this corrupt PC government.  To give you some idea of what people are saying we’re posting a handful of their comments here (anonymously):


Sure wish there was a way to rid ourselves of these people before they finish building this mess. Oh well will never vote for any of them again.

– P.H.


A forgone conclusion.  Anyone with a brain who sees how fast these things have gone up can only conclude that these things have been stockpiled and waiting for years.  Couldn’t have manufactured and built this volume of metal structure so fast.

 As a Canadian by choice, it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth to see such blatant deep seated corruption in the Alberta PC government.  The worst thing is that people see it and are too apathetic to even make this government accountable.  We seem to be so far left of democracy with this government it is frightening.

 Thank you for standing up and doing what you are doing.

– L.W.


We knew from the first meeting that everything was in place and that no matter the protests and dialogue and logic, the transmission lines were going to go through and the US will end up getting our electricity and we will pay. 

 We truly appreciate all of your efforts and more and more I believe that we are not in a true democracy!  The big bucks run the country! 

 So, thank you for all of your hard work.  We appreciate you!

– M.C.


My heart goes out to you people. I live in Wedgewood. It could have been us. But this monstrosity shouldn’t be built anywhere!! I thought that your arguments were good. I really thought you stood a chance. 

– J. M.


Sad and pathetic news for sure. We live immediately adjoining Hulbert Crescent and behind the strip mall on the Wye Road.  Last year they demolished all the homes and buildings in Hulbert, save for one older garage type, animal shelter building. I was relieved that this shelter remained, since it was not in the way of the construction area and served as a bit of a sound barrier from the vehicle noise on the Wye Road and soon to be Anthony Henday overpass.

I could see the roof top of the building, from my kitchen window. For as long as we have lived here, eight years, every Spring the geese would gather, sun bathe and rest on the roof. Geese, with their innate wisdom, return from the south to the same home base, year after year. This was home base, in addition to the field across from there (the Greenbelt field that is designated for the mega power towers) the geese spent the entire spring and summer, nesting and grazing. Every October, hundreds and hundreds of geese, gathered there, to prepare for their long journey to the south, for winter. A vision to behold; picturesque and beautiful. Nature at it’s finest.

Mark your calender. Yesterday, March 25, sadly, that building was demolished, a mere few days before the geese are expected.  It is heart wrenching.  Can the geese call this home any longer?  Will they nest and graze while being zapped by electricity, rather than the sun’s rays?  So much for Big Business respecting the preservation of the environment and propagation of animal life.  Stupid, greedy people!

–  J.S.


Thanks for the update. It is indeed a sad time, not an “if”  I am upset by the line, but that our efforts have been futile and have fallen on deaf ears.   I’ve had the field behind me raped of all earth for the building of infrastructure (lines and Henday I know not which) with the ensuing upheaval of wildlife lands. It is sad and stupid, and I can’t make sense of it. Earth movers show up without warning from our county officials etc.  I will remain in my home until this is all completed, as to try and relocate now would be financial suicide.

– S.H.

~ by RETA on March 30, 2013.

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