Opposition to Heartland Transmission Project Continues

RETA Heartland transmission project logoAs construction of the 66-kilometre-long double circuit 500 kilovolt Heartland power line is nearing completion, opposition to the monster line continues.

RETA property value impact imageMany RETA members and others living along the Heartland route (15,000 – 18,000 residents within 800 metres) have contacted us over the past few years with examples of their property values dropping as the news of the location of Alberta’s most massive power line becomes common knowledge. RETA has been keeping track of the many examples of devalued properties (including devaluation percentages) caused by the Heartland line…even before it was built. The fact that realtors have had to disclose to prospective home and land buyers that the Heartland line would be built in the Sherwood Park and Edmonton Greenbelts and in Sturgeon County, resulted in decreased property values long before power line construction began. It is certain that property values near the line will continue to drop once the line is completed and energized. The towers already erected (up to 253 feet tall) can be seen for many miles.

RETA Health hazard imageAs well, many residents living along the Heartland route have indicated to us that they will be tracking the health of their family members after the Heartland line is energized, and will forward this information to us.

RETA environmental impact imageMany naturalists and biologists who live along the Heartland line have offered to conduct surveys on a regular basis of the birds killed or injured through collision with the Heartland towers, conductors and shield wires.

All of the above-mentioned information will be carefully assembled by RETA over the coming years as a basis for future lawsuits regarding property devaluation, health impacts and bird deaths caused by the Heartland line.

If you live within 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) of the Heartland line and would be interested in joining the growing team of concerned residents who are willing to contribute information to RETA on property values, health and bird deaths, please contact us.

~ by RETA on July 24, 2013.

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