AltaLink Continues to Ignore Facts about Power Line Impacts

AltaLink continues to ignore the hundreds of health, safety, environmental, economic, tourism and property value studies that clearly show the negative impacts of overhead power lines.

The transmission company, owned by Quebec-based and scandal-plagued SNC-Lavalin, continues to hire consultants who have worked for the electricity transmission industry for decades and who continue to mislead the public and our electricity regulator about the many negative impacts of overhead power RETA hear see speak no evil imagelines. Consultants (some call them “hired guns”) recently suggested to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) there are no negative health or property value impacts of proposed power lines to be built above ground near Medicine Hat (Medicine Hat News). However, local concerned residents have not been fooled by AltaLink’s misleading information, and spoke at the AUC hearing, which continues today, about the growing number of research papers that conclusively correlate above-ground power line electromagnetic fields (EMFs) with many health problems.

Other residents testified at the hearing about the aesthetically unpleasant (a.k.a. ugly) above-ground towers and lines.

Some residents suggested to the AUC that the lines be buried along the section where there are many homes, because buried power lines essentially eliminate the negative impacts of overhead lines.

It is becoming more and more difficult for transmission companies like AltaLink to convince the public with misleading information, when the facts clearly show there are negative health, safety, environmental, property value, other economic, and aesthetic impacts of overhead power lines.

~ by RETA on September 11, 2013.

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