Concern in Ireland about Overhead High Voltage Power Lines

RETA Eirgrid logoEirgrid, an Irish state-owned energy company including electricity transmission, is planning about 1,500 km of high voltage power lines and pylons (towers) throughout Ireland, including 3 corridors of pylons across 16 counties. Communities have organized to fight the proposed overhead 400 kV lines due to documented negative impacts of overhead high voltage power lines on: health, property values, aesthetics (visual and noise), the environment, farming and other livelihoods, heritage and overall quality of life. To date, there have been about 35,000 submissions made during the public consultation process on one of the first proposed new lines – almost all against the overhead lines.

RETA Grid Link Action Group logoOne of the organizations fighting the overhead lines is Grid Link Action Group (GLAG), representing residents and businesses in the counties of Kildare, Laois and Wicklow (West). GLAG has been informing residents about a proposed 230-kilometre segment (Gridwest) of the new power line gridlink and its impacts. The group has been seeking expertise and resources from within the affected communities, and has been identifying and investigating alternative and acceptable solutions including underground, undersea and shared utilities. The group is also willing to hire professionals when necessary and to engage in a meaningful way with Eirgrid. Visit GLAG’s very informative website at this link.

Another organization, the Roscommon and Mayo Protection (RAMP) group, has asked landowners to “lock out” Eirgrid personnel from entering their properties and to shun all approaches from the company (Irish Independent).

If the new power lines are proven to be necessary, there appears to be broad support among the various groups to have the lines placed underground in order to eliminate the negative effects of the proposed 45-metre-tall pylons and lines.

RETA wishes all of the organizations success in their battle against this massive proposal by Eirgrid to construct new overhead 400 kV power lines throughout Ireland. For the facts on the many negative impacts of overhead high voltage lines, see this link, and for the facts on the many benefits of burying the lines, visit this link. Some of the medical and scientific research conducted on these subject matters can be found at this link.

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