Innisfail Says AltaLink’s Proposed Transmission Lines “Not Attractive”

RETA Innisfail town logo sunCraig Teal, the Town of Innisfail’s Director of Planning & Operational Services, says high voltage power lines are “not attractive” (aka ugly). Teal testified at an Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) hearing on AltaLink’s proposed 80L high voltage transmission line that would run through Innisfail (Innisfail Province). Specifically, Teal said, “We object to the route in the south end of town as transmission lines are not attractive, and we want to ensure we are able to attract investment and interest from businesses…Transmission line land competes with residential development.” Teal also raised concerns about a new transmission line decreasing property values and resulting in lower tax revenues for the town. He suggested an alternate route through a planned industrial area would have lower visual impacts than the route through a residential area.

See this link for more information on concerns about AltaLink’s proposed new line. If the line was buried, there would be no negative visual or property value impacts.

~ by RETA on March 19, 2014.

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