World Health Organization Unduly Influenced by Industry Again


Read this shocking expose on corruption within the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks, relating to scientific causality of harm to human health from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (e.g., cell phones, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies). The article, written by Susan Foster, a medical writer, suggests the WHO and the media have been unduly influenced by the very powerful telecommunications industry to erroneously report no health concerns with EMR.

This is similar to the charge against the WHO by many credible scientists with respect to health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). For many years, the electricity transmission industry has unduly influenced the WHO not to recognize the negative health effects of overhead high voltage power line EMFs. Collusion between the WHO and the electricity transmission industry triggered the following quote from Dr. Don Maisch in 2006, “Such a blatant disregard for the fundamental principles of credible science as well as WHO’s mission on protecting world health speaks of a desperation to bury independent science at all costs, even if that cost is the integrity of WHO.” (Dr. Maisch is a well-known and respected scientist who has extensively researched health effects of EMFs and EMR.)

Once the electricity transmission industry had successfully influenced the WHO many years ago to suggest there is no conclusive evidence of EMFs negatively affecting human health, is it any wonder transmission companies then cite the WHO in an attempt to placate those who raise health concerns every time a new overhead high voltage power line is built?

See this link for more information on corruption within the WHO, including collusion with industry. See this link for information on the many negative health effects of overhead high voltage power lines.

~ by RETA on April 3, 2014.

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