More Studies Show Increased Health Risks of Overhead Transmission Lines

RETA Health hazard imageRecent medical and scientific research is adding significantly to the growing pool of knowledge that conclusively links electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and corona ions emanating from overhead high voltage power lines to increased health risks. Unfortunately,  electricity transmission companies, transmission regulators and many governments continue to ignore these well-documented negative health effects. Fortunately, the medical and scientific communities continue to make us aware of recent studies that present additional evidence of the causal correlations between overhead power lines and increased health risks.

For example, Moberly physician Dennis Smith has presented the Missouri Public Service Commission with the Bioinitiative Report to make the commission aware of the health risks before making a final decision on whether or not to permit a new high voltage line from being built in mid-Missouri. Some residents in Chariton, Randolph and Monroe counties, Missouri, including Smith, are worried about the adverse health effects of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line, proposed to run for more RETA leukemia imagethan 700 miles from Kansas to Indiana, passing through mid-Missouri (Fox 22 KQFX). Dr. Smith was recently quoted as citing from the Bioinitiative Report, “For children who were raised for their first five years of life within 300 metres (of overhead transmission lines) have a lifetime risk that is 500 percent higher for developing some kinds of cancer”, including leukemia and breast cancer. Smith said the studies cited by Grain Belt Express officials, suggesting overhead high voltage lines have no negative health effects, are outdated.

The report cited by Smith is Bioinitiative 2012 – A Rationale for Biologically-Based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation (updated to 2014).  The report covers research published between 1990 and 2014, and has been compiled by medical and EMF experts from all over the world. With respect to extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs, such as those emanating from overhead high voltage power lines, the report summarizes 110 peer-reviewed papers, 88% of which showed negative effects of ELF EMFs on biological organisms and processes.

There are hundreds of additional studies and pooled data that present similar results. Bonneville Power Administration data show that of 323 human studies of EMF effects on leukemia, brain cancer, breast cancer, mental health and reproductive health, one-half show increased risks due to exposure to EMFs.

A May 30, 2014 letter signed by 8 doctors and professors appeared in the Irish Medical Times indicating, “There is extensive epidemiological evidence for the increased occurrence of childhood leukaemia near to high-voltage overhead lines…The possible mechanisms behind the observed risk are beginning to be explored. Magnetic fields at levels similar to
those associated with living close to power lines show behaviour in cell lines similar to that of known carcinogens. Also, corona ions emitted from power lines may lead to RETA Eirgrid logoincreased pulmonary exposure to airborne charged particles, possibly associated with risk of childhood leukaemia. In the current public debate on the proposed new EirGrid network of pylons carrying 400 kV power lines, the Government needs to make its decisions based on the available facts and not on opinions…The available facts start with the Government’s own 2007 report suggesting that new lines should avoid areas of high population density due to a risk of childhood leukaemia.”

There are many other recent studies that show previously unreported negative health effects of EMF exposure. One that was cited by Science Index indicated that rats with chronic kidney disease and exposed to EMFs showed massive aortic calcification. The calcification pattern was unique as it formed circular rings along the length of the aortic media.

It’s mind-boggling that the kinds of data discussed above have not been able to convince transmission companies, transmission regulators and governments, world-wide, that overhead transmission lines are not safe to build near people. Burying high voltage power lines essentially eliminates the negative effects of overhead lines.

~ by RETA on June 9, 2014.

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