Links to Other Groups and Info

Here are some interesting websites, Facebook sites, YouTube videos and other links that list concerns about overhead power lines in Canada, USA, the UK and around the world. Many of these links also point out the benefits of burying these lines:

  1. Action Surface Rights
  2. Airplane & helicopter accidents due to power lines – legal assistance
  3. Alberta Coal Phase Out
  4. Alberta Landowners Council
  5. Alberta Surface Rights Group
  6. Alliance Against Northern Pass
  7. Another Way BPA
  8. Arkansas Citizens Against Clean Line Energy
  9. Ballaghaderreen Against Pylons
  10. Block “Clean” Line Energy (Facebook site)
  11. Block Grain Belt Express
  12. Block Grain Belt Express Illinois
  13. Block Grain Belt Express in Caldwell County
  14. Block Grain Belt Express Missouri (website)
  15. Block Grain Belt Express Missouri (Facebook)
  16. Block Plains and Eastern Clean Line (Facebook site)
  17. Block Plains and Eastern Clean Line: Oklahoma
  18. Block RICL (Rock Island “Clean” Line)
  19. Bury the Lines
  20. Bury the Northern Pass
  21. Bury the Power Lines
  22. Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations
  23. Cascabel Working Group
  24. Chemical Contaminants and Electromagnetic Pollution
  25. Citizens Against Overhead Power Line Construction
  26. Citizens Energy Task Force
  27. Citizens for Responsible Transmission Line Siting
  28. Citizens for Safe Technology
  29. Clinton Concerned Citizens
  30. Coalition to Protect Prince William County
  31. Comeraghs Against Pylons
  32. Concerned Citizens Montana
  33. COOP – Citizens Opposed to Overhead Power Lines
  34. Cork Harbour Anti Pylon Group
  35. Donegal Alternatives to Pylons (website)
  36. Donegal Alternatives to Pylons (Facebook)
  37. Edgar County Stop the Power Lines
  38. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields – New Illuminati
  39. Electromagnetic Bioeffects Blog
  40. Electromagnetic Field Effects on Health (YouTube) – Dr. Martin Blank
  42. Electromagnetic Issues (intended for a general audience)
  43. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
  44. EMFacts Consultancy
  45. EMF Homestead
  46. EMFs – Largest Full-Scale Health Experiment Ever
  47. EMF Wise
  48. EM Watch
  49. Environmental Health Association of Alberta
  50. Europacable YouTube – Benefits of Underground Cables
  51. Europacable YouTube – Benefits of Partial Undergrounding
  52. Farmers and Families for Claverack
  53. Farmers and Families for Livingston
  54. Faugheen Against Pylons
  55. Fight the Power Line
  56. Friends of India Point Park
  57. Gerry Higgins – Newfoundland
  58. Grid Link Action Group
  59. Halt the Power Lines
  60. Health Effects of Overhead Power Lines (YouTube) – RETA
  61. Health Risks from Power Lines (YouTube) – Dr. Phillip Stoddard
  62. Highlands Before Pylons
  63. Hope For The Hills
  64. Hudson Valley Concerned Citizens
  65. Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition
  66. Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition (Facebook)
  67. International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety
  68. International Doctors’ Appeal 2012
  69. International EMF Alliance
  70. Ireland Against Pylons
  71. Keep It Rural
  72. Kilkenny Says NO to Pylons (Facebook)
  73. Kilmovee Against Pylons (website)
  74. Kilmovee Against Pylons (Facebook)
  75. Live Free or Fry
  76. Livingstone Landowners Group
  77. Livingstone Landowners Group (Facebook)
  78. Manning Alliance
  79. Missouri Landowners Alliance
  80. Montgomeryshire Against Pylons
  81. Montgomeryshire Against Pylons (Facebook)
  82. Move MSTI
  83. Nailsea Against Pylons
  84. Nailsea Action Against Pylons (Facebook)
  85. Neighbors United Against Ameren’s Power Line (Facebook)
  86. Neighbors United Against Ameren’s Power Line (website)
  87. New Ross Hinterland Against Pylons (Facebook)
  88. No CapX 2020
  89. No Monster Power Lines
  90. No Monster Power Lines (Facebook)
  91. No Moor Pylons
  92. No More Towers
  94. No Northern Pass
  95. No Northern Pass Coalition
  96. No Pylons
  97. No Pylons in the Blackwater Valley
  98. North East Pylon Pressure (website)
  99. North East Pylon Pressure (Facebook)
  100. Northern Macoupin County vs. Grain Belt Express CLE
  101. North Shropshire Says NO to Pylons (Facebook)
  102. No To Path
  103. Operation Circuit Breaker
  104. Ozarks Local Solar
  105. PAGE (Powerlines Action Group Eumundi)
  106. Piedmont Environmental Council
  107. Pleasant Valley Concerned Citizens
  108. Power Line Health Facts
  109. Power Underground
  110. Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance (website)
  111. Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance (Facebook site)
  112. Preserve Our Parkway
  113. Protect Ghent
  114. Protect Kent
  115. Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution
  116. Put Power Lines Underground – 38 Degrees
  117. RAP – Rhiwcynon Against Pylons (Facebook)
  118. Responsible Energy Action LLC (REAL)
  119. Responsible Power
  120. RETA Facebook site
  121. RETA YouTube – Negative Impacts of Overhead Lines
  122. Revolt
  123. Rural Albertans for Ethical Electricity Transmission
  124. Safe Energy for Armagh/Tyrone
  125. Sam Milham’s Papers  Dirty Electricity
  126. SAVE East Hampton: Safe, Responsible Energy
  127. Save Our Sonoma Trees
  128. Save Our Valley
  129. Save Scenic Jefferson Valley Coalition
  131. Save the Sandhills (website)
  132. Save the Sandhills (Facebook site)
  133. Scenic Hudson
  134. SNC-Lavalin Corruption (YouTube) – (SNC builds AltaLink’s power lines)
  135. SNC-Lavalin Corruption (YouTube) – Arrest of CEO
  136. SNC-Lavalin Corruption & Gwyn Morgan
  137. SNC-Lavalin Corruption (YouTube) – Rick Mercer
  138. Somerset Alliance Against Pylons
  139. S.O.U.L. (Save Our Unique Lands)
  140. S.O.U.L. of the Kickapoo
  141. SOUL of Wisconsin
  142. Stewards of the Potomac Highlands
  143. Stop Dominion Power Towers
  144. Stop Gateway West
  145. Stop Idaho Power
  146. Stop PATH In Its Tracks (YouTube)
  147. StopPATH WV
  148. STOP (Stop the Overhead Pylons) (Facebook)
  149. Stop the Abermule Hub
  150. Stop The Lines
  151. Stop The Lines In North Caldwell
  152. Stop The Northern Pass
  153. Stop the Northern Pass (Facebook)
  154. Stop The Power Lines Coalition
  155. Stop Towers Now
  156. Stour Valley Underground
  157. The Power Line
  158. Trees Not Towers: No Northern Pass
  159. Trentham Environmental Action Campaign
  160. UPTAG
  161. Waverley Park Powerlines
  162. Western Pylon Pressure (Facebook)
  163. Wireless Radiation Safety Council
  164. Yatton Against Pylons

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