About RETA

RETA stands for Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans. RETA is a society incorporated in Alberta under the Societies Act (corporate access number 5014463888). RETA has sponsored and organized many public information meetings and rallies attended by over 11,000 people primarily in the Edmonton, Alberta area. As of April 19, 2014, RETA’s registered membership was about 9,500.

RETA’s mission is to ensure that whenever new high voltage transmission lines are built near schools, homes, daycare centres, hospitals and environmentally sensitive areas, they must be buried.

In the event a decision is made to build new transmission lines above ground near homes and businesses, homeowners and landowners must have the option to sell their property to the transmission company or government at a price equivalent to replacement value. In other words, the homeowner or landowner must be compensated such that they could rebuild a substantially equivalent home or business (new-build cost) in a substantially equivalent location (acceptable to the homeowner / landowner) with similar aesthetics, appeal, amenities and facilities.

RETA also questions the need for specific proposed high voltage power lines, or the size of some of the proposed overbuilds, in light of recently changed economic realities. Although we do not oppose the export of electricity to the United States, per se, we do not support Alberta electricity consumers paying for the infrastructure that would transmit electricity south of our border.

RETA supports the use of more efficient and environmentally-friendly electricity generation and transmission technologies, consistent with the federal Conservative government ordering a transition from coal-fired generation to more green generation technologies, and the Alberta NDP government’s strategy to retire coal-fired power plants by 2030.

RETA is not a NIMBY (“not in my back yard”) organization and our members are committed to the above principles regardless of where new high voltage transmission lines are proposed.

We believe it is a combination of valid arguments supported by real facts and, above all, unity, that will win the day. United we stand – divided we fall.

In 2009, RETA was accepted as a signatory to the Porto Alegre Resolution signed in follow up to the “International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation, Health and Environment”, held in May 2009 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Resolution, signed by medical, scientific and electrical engineer experts from around the world, is based on the Precautionary Principle and the growing body of evidence linking electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure to increased risks of cancer and many other chronic diseases.

RETA is also a member of the Wireless Radiation Safety Council.

We encourage you to browse our website for the latest electricity transmission news from around the world. Read our well-researched Fact Sheets (35 in total) ranging in topics from health, safety, property value and environmental impacts of overhead high voltage power lines; the many benefits of burying these lines; problems created by the Alberta and Canadian governments; what are other jurisdictions around the world doing; legal cases; and public opinion on electricity transmission. All studies are properly cited and referenced so you can read them yourself.

Find out how to contact us, join RETA, and donate financially to RETA. Check out some cool links to other organizations and information.

The current Executive of RETA:

  • President – Bruce Johnson
  • Vice-President – John Kristensen
  • Secretary – Bryan Bradley
  • Vice President, West TUC – June McNeil
  • Vice President, East Rural – Stan Norlander
  • Block Captain Leader – Shirley Johnson

The current Board of Directors also includes (alphabetically, by last name):

  • Connie Bradley
  • Patricia Di Palma
  • Lisa Doucet
  • Bruce Hunt
  • Jason Jobs
  • Gillian Jobs
  • Wendy Meier
  • Todd Oeming
  • Rob Sproule
  • Ernst Tamm

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