RETA’s mission is to ensure that no new high voltage transmission lines are run above ground by homes and schools. If new transmission lines are to be run by schools, houses, daycares, hospitals and environmentally sensitive areas, they must be buried.

In the event that a decision is made to run new transmission lines above ground near homes and businesses, homeowners and landowners must have the option to sell their property to the utility company or government at a price equivalent to replacement value.

There are many cases, where it may not even be necessary to build a new power line – for example, many of the new lines included in the Alberta Government’s transmission plan were proposed when the economic situation was very different than it is today. As well, more electricity is being generated closer to source of demand, thereby precluding the need for lengthy transmission lines.

RETA is not a NIMBY (“not in my back yard”) organization and our members are committed to the above principles regardless of where new high voltage transmission lines are proposed.

We believe it is a combination of valid arguments supported by real facts and, above all, unity, that will win the day. United we stand; divided we fall – our success depends on having thousands or even tens of thousands of members so that our elected representatives will listen and ultimately do what is right and what is responsible.

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